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Accrochage Exhibition

Accrochage is a group exhibition showing recent works from graduating MA Fine Art students from Northampton University alongside connected artists presented and sponsored by Gallery202 at Albus3 Arts in Northampton from the 3rd - 13th of May 2016.


Accrochage has a literal translation of collision and when considering a group show by contemporary artists the notion of collision is ever present in the arrangement of such diverse artistic practice. Not to say that this is a themed exhibition but that it is an action that is happening, an anti-theme, that reveals the coming together of individual artistic exploration and experimentation.


The works themselves explore a whole spectrum of experimental subject matter. Some consider notions of transcendence and materiality taking materials out of context and pushing our spatial relationship as a body with objects and placement. Others deal with delicate obsessions which react and flow through a connection with the context of site specific works. Meanwhile some works involve our relationship with time and the role that our senses play in discovering our own experience.

Corby & Migration

18th - 28th Ocotber 2017

A project highlighting the importance of the urban woodlands in Corby, the birds that pass through them and the fluctuating populations of species.


Commissioned by Deep Roots Tall Trees with Amanda Drage, Matt Merritt and Warren Shaw curated by Rosalind Stoddart.


The theme ‘Corby and Migration’ will examine the birds that migrate through the town’s woodlands (as well as the indigenous species that live there) and how they are affected by the changes in the town as Corby continues to grow and develop.


Featuring an exhibition and public workshops at The Rooftop Arts Centre in Corby, Northamptonshire, UK

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1st - 25th August 2018

This August I'm taking part in a contemporary group show at the Rooftop Arts Centre in Corby with Sharon Read, Bethany Murray and Jill Hedges. The exhibition explores the idea of time and its relationship to the body, memory and perception.


Open Wednesday - Saturday from 11 am - 4 pm.


Rooftop Arts Centre, 9 Chisholm House, Queens Square, Corby, NN17 1PD

Noise-y Pixel

20th October - 30th November


Ace Arts, Nottingham

Sat - Sun from 12pm - 3pm

Resident Artists Exhibition

10th October - 10th November


Rooftop Arts Centre, Corby

Wed - Sat from 11 am - 4 pm

Noise-y-Pixel-Promo-Warren-Shaw-Ace-Arts Resident Artists 2018 Rooftop Arts Centre Corby

This October I am taking part in the annual exhibition of studio holders work at the Rooftop Arts Centre in Corby. Always an exciting show with a diverse range of work on show including painting, drawing, culpture, installation, sound art, printamking and ceramics.


Works on show will be Blue Noise, Sonorous (Red Volume), Inertia Engine.


For further details see the Arts Centres website here:


Pop-up solo exhibtion showing new work which explores explore ideas of sensitisation, analogue and digital, choice, synaesthesia, process, and mindfulness.


Ace Arts, 18 West End Arcade, Nottingham, NG1 6JP

For more information visit their Facebook Page here