Warren Shaw    |    Interdisciplinary artist

1.65 : 29.11.07


Break the mould is a cliché. Why not just make a new one. You stand on a box I stand on a chair. I think it’s fair. Fair to say its fair for new isn’t already there. It’s where a vulture finds its food a pool of fluid in new air. I didn’t say it was there. All you have to do is care. Care what is said and what isn’t. Do you care for a Lego three piece suite didn’t think so but I’m free to do so. So this is an extension, my new appendix. My new hair. I’m there and you can follow or jump in bed. As long as I’m there I don’t really care. It’s fleeting yes its true. It’s as fickle as me and you. A slice in time won’t save nine. It might save me but it won’t stay true. I know it’s absurd. A long uneven circular prong. But it almost says everything. I hope. Because all you have to pray for is a little rain and it will clear. Clear for a place for fear to die, generate lies and ideas. Where all can come follow their own shape and hear. Hear what you can, hear what others can to, if you have time. It’s all for free. As it should be. I do declare someone’s sitting in my chair. Oh it’s you well that’s ok. You can keep it warm until next time. Want a slice of American lime. Remember No screams unless it’s not clear. Well I’d say ‘hey’ if you gave my left ear a chance. It just loves to dance. I can say that in my own right but I don’t think that’s right. My right might be wrong or even left. I lie, I lie on paper and on the floor it really isn’t all that clear. I think we all stand too near. A bit of distance will give you somewhere to sleep. Hell it’s all we need to feel free. Free to find our way find our fear soaked in lime. With a whisper at my cheek. All I need is to sleep. To dream, find the seam and climb right here. Thank you I was going to turn left. My eyes were steering. I wouldn’t hear. So all in all it’s a bit more clear that all I hold really is dear. Everyday I feel a fear. To never appear on the railroad track. So will you listen to me open your ear. You might find that all I want is an ear. It’s rewarding I know to have sixty four of them in a super technical ball. Hey do you wanna play catch?

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