Warren Shaw    |    Interdisciplinary artist

1.68 : 15.05.09


I see the same stars as you. Together we are new. A visualisation across the expanse. Explain to me the evidence. Describe this trance. A moving shoe in the clutter. A forward facing eye in a turned head. We are new. A selection. The best of a few. A few too many, a few too few I say. We are all here we are all new. Go on snap. Spring Blooms. You don’t have a choice, but well we probably do. It’s hard here when the shadows don’t meet. But honestly, there are ears at my feet. I’ve counted them before but they don’t listen. They hear and pretend. Tell me not why I am here. You know nothing of my fears.They are friends when all we are is new. Listen dammit. I don’t pretend. Where is it from here? My dear, an ear, six questions, one fear. It happened again. Only I can scream when its not clear.

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