Warren Shaw    |    Interdisciplinary artist

1.68b : 03.07.09


We are here and we are dark. We see the future. And forget indifference. I am essential. A broken nerve. Fortitude finds the brightest star, undermines it and falls away. It is essential just like your breathing. Excuse me you aren’t a member. Sorry that was Jeff you will have to ignore him he isn’t a member yet. You may step through seeing as your still here. Ah, my nerves are back. Good. It was starting to become clear again. Well, I’m not the same. Straight as a chair and as sharp as a peg. That’s what they used to say. Good Lord, are your eyes ok? Really? There not usually there full of tears. To tell the truth I never realised it was raining. It’s too full of fear to opinionise. God damn it Janet. My worlds over populated I fear. Excellent. A scratch plate of good graces and a melancholy black bird in our ear. Now all we need is a fearless dear. Got to have someone to sheer. Cause I don’t know the inside of my ear. Folded and shaped like knowledge held so dear. I am in retrospect. Special vines and local veneers. Choking on small parts and running with plenty of deer. Found out did you? Well at least one of us has. Pity I would like to know. Go on pass it through. Grace my ears. Cross my drum with audible silver. My my its black. Flat black. No not that, just matt. One tone. One pitch. No no no, we can’t have more than one. How many ears do we need? Well you could have more as I’ve always had sixty-four. It’s a secret though. So put on the scratch plate. Tell the mime and put me away with a slice of your favourite lime.

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