Warren Shaw    |    Interdisciplinary artist

1.72 : 28.10.10


I sat here waiting for that time. When everything stood still. Was made of glass and laced with purple. We hid. It was that time. When are we going because we are already there? It’s a pattern of the highest fidelity and I owe her everything. It’s my weakness and my largest strength. She is here and now. May we begin anew. File out into the cold and warm ourselves again. Give praise to the dear that stand by. Un-blinking and dry. It’s a pity they cannot share in what we know. Well I’m exaggerating, its continuous and they are all lynchpins. Extravagant forces communicating and insinuating that it may soon be clear. Right now I see her and my comfort is grown once again. We are most defiantly here. It’s starting to appear the move forward is using all that is near. A beautiful tragedy momentarily commits. A broken frame. Emits. I am here. Here once again. Count to 10 and start again. There is always the beginning. The journey is always ready. She is here we must not fear. It has joined us. The fear now bleeds directly back into our tears. It is wholesome. A jack knife moment. A sudden twist. There is that and this is this. My oh my, for the want of a kiss. Sing for me and I will record no pain. Elements of clashing crystalline structures echo in our ears. Start again, my world is still here. We were only waiting, covered in the ashes of the infamous golden tears.

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