Warren Shaw    |    Interdisciplinary artist

Blue Noise

Blue Noise is a two-part art work, one visual and one aural, meant to be experienced as one. It approaches the subject of synaesthesia, the cross over of the senses within the brain. In this instance the melding together of sight and hearing. Synaesthesia has been a long-standing fascination within my work.


Noise has its different ‘colours’, white, pink, red, blue etc. Each named after the colour it most closely resembles in wavelength in the colour spectrum. It is this relationship that inspired this work.


The sound in this work is made entirely from one sample of blue noise. Both the painting and sound were developed in tandem, creating a bond between them within the creative process. The painting was influenced by the experience of noise and the sound influenced by the action of painting.


Allow yourself time to identify with both the sound and the painting. Consider the resonance and cascading textures, the depth and introduction of noise as it breaks and folds within both compositions and the relationship that forms in the joint experience of sight and sound.


Blue Noise, 2013, Acrylic on canvas and sound

Blue Noise acrylic painting and sound by Warren Shaw