Warren Shaw    |    Interdisciplinary artist


Infiltration is mediation between the role of man-made sounds, and the imposition of such sounds, on the existing environment. Initially conceived as an installation in 2007, Infiltration was developed from a series of walking and listening exercises through the modern environment. Using a stereo set up the work imposed itself upon the already existing environment, focusing our attention on the formidable impact of modern technological sounds.


The sound and composition of the work seek to emphasize the movement and intensity in the rise of technology incorporating sounds from public transport, electronic devices, ventilation systems and more. Striving to describe the conflict and espionage ever present in technology’s approach in forcing itself upon and disrupting the natural acoustic environment.


It is this imposition on our everyday sonic environment which technology makes that is now largely accepted and taken for granted. Through the amplification and manipulation of technological and mechanical sounds this can be revealed and brought to our immediate attention. Divulging to us the realization of the impact upon our personal acoustic space that technology makes on a daily basis.


Infiltration, 2007, Installation and Sound

Infiltration, 2013, Sound for electronic presentation of art

Infiltration Warren Shaw