Warren Shaw    |    Interdisciplinary artist

1.78 : 04.07.15


This is for when everything comes down. The need is stripped and the desert yawns wide. No view from either side. Fortunate pea rollers decorate the un-yielding sky. Witness no armageddon. It’s painfully clear. No matter what tears suspend the necessary sacrifice. Don't dawdle. Beetle booth and rosemary plum. The magic will turn again. When all is located and clear. The deer will return. The jackal suspended. Feet off the ground. Monumental sound. Accessible and clear. Ten times the weight my dear. End all but an ear. Strain to mend. Bend to straight. Let see and hear. Glass and selling beat through the course. Enabling no fear. Warrant this pair down. Eliminate the fear. Send them packing the gremlins near. Bound to sacrifice and jeer. Nothing remains for them here. A plausible fear. My dear. Let us make haste with the grains. Fertile and ceramic. Buttons wielding large patterns. Circle us to within a year. No lead is too heavy. Just long and unclear. Push for the mountain. There we will find the origin of the sands. The elements will find us on our knees. Gather a calling. Meet us on the horizontal plane. Push us to our feet and let the blood flow. Warmer and free. Tree like lanes and a pulsing view. Build castles strong and few. The sands are with us they grew here. Have no fear. The very same dunes fall and brighten. The trains of foresight and blunt ambition build a new horizon. The sands are free. Stones left in glee. Lakes of blistering multitude develop mental and true. Bound together these grains and built anew. Length soaked rope between us two. A movement of riches to little too few. Stainless removal of steel and compromise. Let all be known here without the flies. Its this what it was. So clever and free. Here it is now forever in me.


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