Warren Shaw    |    Interdisciplinary artist

Sonic Dreams

Sonic Dreams was born out of an increasing fascination with the relationship between sound and the space in which it exists, be it in the material world or that of dreams. The installation completed in 2006 used sound within the interior of a structure, in a pitch-black environment. Using multiple speakers and a dynamic soundscape the sound sought to alter the perception of space.


The structure was designed to enhance the transformative nature of the sound by the progression and change of the structures shape. This went hand in hand with the way in which the audience accessed the work, to further improve the perception of space.


The sound moved through three distinct phases. The first was Ambient, an expansive, subtle projection of an environment. The second was Pathway, this piece served as a transitional stage, building in intensity between the first and final phases. Lastly was Final, here the sound begins to screech and reach a much higher level of pitch and oppression within the composition of the soundscape.


As the exhibit progressed through the day the sound began to overlap itself, ever-changing just like a natural soundscape is, creating an evolution within the sonic composition. This brought about new juxtapositions within the soundscape and consequently affected the perception of the space in which they exist in exciting, new and unpredictable ways


Sonic Dreams, 2006, Installation and Sound