Warren Shaw    |    Interdisciplinary artist


Blue Noise


A two-part work one visual and one aural, meant to be experienced as one. Exploring the synaesthetic potential of artistic experience.

Blue Noise acrylic on canvas and sound by Warren Shaw Sonic Dreams Installation Warren Shaw

Sonic Dreams


A sound installation completed in 2006, the first major project to include sound as the primary medium. Using a dynamic soundscape the work sought to alter the perception of space.

Infiltration Warren Shaw



Infiltration is mediation between the role of man-made sounds, and the imposition of such sounds, on the existing environment. Initially conceived as an installation in 2007.


Title: 22:08:13 / 23.08.13 / WS

Subtitle: The Trancendental Untended Shelter


From one hour where the brick sleeps and the ivy grows long. I will move through that place which I have always known.

Temperamental Microphonic Mixture Base 2 Warren Sh

Temeremental Microphonic Mixture Base


Presenting synaesthetic interpretations of breakfast cereals which were displayed as an interactive exhibit where people were invited to mix their own Flavour.